CSE 426

Course Code: CSE 426
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Advanced Computer Networking
Credit Hours:
Detailed Syllabus:

Introduction: Network types, Network protocol hierarchy’s overview of OSI and TCP/IP model?. LAN and MAN: Topologies, Bus/ Tree and Star using metallic media, optical fiber bus, the ring topology, Medium Access control protocols CSMA/CD, Token ring and FDDI, MAC performance, LAN/MAN Standards, High Speed LANs, Fast Ethernet, 100VG- any LAN, ATM LAM, Fibre channel, wireless LAN, and Gigabit Ethernet,

WAN: Public data networks, Routing strategies and flow control in packet switch networks, and X.25 standard. Circuit switched data networks and X.21 interface.

ISDN and Broadband ISDN: ISDN-Principles, user interface and services, ISDN channels, user access and protocols, Broadband ISDN- functional architecture and protocols.

Frame Relay and Cell Relay: Frame relay services and protocols, architectures, call control and data transfer, ATM-Overview, virtual channels and paths, ATM cells, header error control, transmission of ATM cells, traffic and congestion control, ATM switches.

Satellites and Cellular Radio: Geosynchronous and low-orbit satellites, VSATs, protocols for multiple access up-link channel, cellular radio, analog and digital cellular systems, GSM, persona! communication services.

Internetworking: Network interconnection, bridges and routers, connectionless and connection oriented Internet working, routing and fragmentation, Firewalls IP protocol rind IP addresses,
Internet control protocols- ICMP, ARP, RARP, multicasting. Domain name system and Name Servers.

Distributed Applications: Simple Network management protocol, Telnet and FTP, Electronic mail, 1 SMTP and MIME. The WWW-client and servers, writing wave page in HTML and Java, locating information the on the web, video on demand.

Network Security: Type of attack, privacy with conventional encryption, Message authentication and Hash function public key encryption and digital signature.