CSE 309

Course Code: CSE 309
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Data Communication and Computer Networks
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Principles involved in data communication. Modulation techniques, Pulse Modulation, Pulse amplitude modulation, pulse width modulation, pulse position modulation, pulse code modulation, pulse position modulation, quantization, Delta modulation, TDM, FDM, OOK, FSK, PSK, QPSK. Representation of noises, probability of error for pulse system, concept of channel coding and capacity, asynchronous and synchronous communications. Multiplexers, concentrators and buffers, communication medium, fiber optics.

Computer network architectures, protocol layers. Transmission media, encoding systems, error detection, multiplexing, switching. Data link, multiple access channel protocols. Network security, privacy. Applications including network management, electronic mail, virtual terminals, URL, HTTP, Multimedia, distributed operating systems. The course includes lab works based on theory taught. The course includes lab works based on theory taught.