ETE 208

Course Code: ETE 208
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Analog Communication and TV Engineering
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Detailed Syllabus:

Communication system. Modulation, Amplitude Modulation and Demodulation, Balanced Modulator, AM Transmitter, Super-heterodyne and Communication Radio Receivers, Angle Modulation and Demodulation, FM Receiver, TDM and FDM. Pulse Modulation and De-modulation, PWM, PPM & PCM Signals, delta modulation, adaptive delta modulation systems. TV Engineering: Scanning, Resolutions, BW requirements, Composite video signal, Allocation of channels T.V. Standards. T.V. Cameras, Receiver, T.V. Color System, NTSC, PAL-D SECAM, (Tx and Rx block diagram) color picture tubes, delta gun, PIL, Trintron types. Antenna and TV Transmission Lines, transmission and reception. Closed Circuit TV (CCTV), Cable TV (CTV), Satellite TV (STV) and High Definition TV (HDTV). The course includes lab works based on theory taught.