ETE 206

Course Code: ETE 206
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Electronics Devices and Circuits-II
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Detailed Syllabus:

Power Amplifiers: Collector efficiency; Class A amplifier; Class B Push-Pull amplifier; Class C amplifier; Tuned amplifier. Low-frequency Amplifiers: Cascading of CE stage; Mid-frequency gain; Low-frequency response of cascaded stages; Transformer coupled amplifier. High-frequency Amplifiers: High-frequency model for CE amplifier; Transistor noises. Feedback and Oscillators: impedance gain, gain, bandwidth and distortion; Stabilization; Positive feedback; RC Phase shift oscillators; Wein bridge oscillators; Resonant circuit oscillators; Crystal oscillators; Waveform generators. Operational Amplifiers: Difference amplifier; CMMR; Ideal operational amplifier; Inverting amplifier; Non-inverting amplifier; General-purpose IC operational amplifier; Integrator; Differentiator. The course includes lab works based on theory taught.