CSE 103

Course Code: CSE 103
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Structured Programming
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Detailed Syllabus:

Programming fundamentals: Constants, variables, Keywords, Data types, C instructions, Hierarchy of operations, Programming structure of C. Decision Making and Looping: If, If-else, Else-if statements, Nesting; While, For loop, Nesting of loop. Odd loops, Do-while loop, Case control structure. Array & Functions: One dimensional, Two dimensional array; Array initialization, Scope rules of function, Nesting and recursion of function, Call by value and call by reference, Passing array elements to a function, pointers, Pointer notations, Array and pointers, Function and pointers. String operation: String variables, String I/O operations, Standard library string functions, Two-dimensional array, Array of pointers to string. C processors, structure type, structure elements, Array structures, Structure I/O in C. Introduction to OOP using C++. The course includes lab works based on theory taught.