EEE 430

Course Code: EEE 430
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Optical properties in semiconductor: Direct and indirect band-gap materials,
radiative and non-radiative recombination, optical absorption, photo-generated excess carriers, minority carrier life time, luminescence and quantum efficiency in radiation. Properties of light: Particle and wave nature of light, polarization, interference, diffraction and blackbody radiation. Light emitting diode (LED): Principles, materials for visible and infrared LED, internal and external efficiency, loss mechanism, structure and coupling to optical fibers. Stimulated emission and light amplification: Spontaneous and stimulated emission, Einstein relation, population inversion, absorption of radiation, optical feedback and threshold conditions. Semiconductor Lasers: population inversion in degenerate semiconductors, laser activity, operating wavelength, threshold current density, power output, hetero-junction lasers, optical and electrical confinement. Introduction to quantum well lasers. Photo-detectors: Photoconductors, junction photodetectors, PIN detectors, avalanche photodiodes and phototransistors. Solar cells: Solar energy and spectrum, silicon and Schottkey solar cells. Modulation of light: Phase and amplitude modulation, electro-optic effect, acousto-optic effect and magneto-optic devices. Introduction to integrated optics.