EEE 429

Course Code: EEE 429
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Compound Semiconductor and Hetero-Junction Devices
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Compound semiconductor: Zinc-blend crystal structures, growth techniques, alloys, band gap, density of carriers in intrinsic and doped compound semiconductors, Hetero Junctions: Band alignment, band offset, Anderson’s rule, single and double sided hetero- junctions, quantum wells and quantization effects, lattice mismatch and strain strain and common hetero-structure material systems. Hetero-Junction diode: Band banding, carrier transport and I- V characteristics. Hetero-junction field effect transistor: Structure and principle, band structure, carrier transport and I-V characteristics. Hetero-structure bipolar transistor (HBT): Structure and operating principle, quasi-static analysis, extended Gummel-Poon model, Ebers-Moll model, secondary effects and band diagram of graded alloy base HBT.