EEE 403

Course Code: EEE 403
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Control System I
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Laplace transform, Initial and Final value theorems. Transfer Functions: Open-loop stability, Poles, Zeros, Time response, Transients, Steady-state, Block diagrams and signal flow diagram, Feedback principles: Open versus Closed-loop control, High gain control, Inversion; State variables: Signal flow diagram to state variables, transfer function to state variable and state variable to transfer function, Stability of closed-loop systems: Routh’s method, Root locus, PID control: Structure, Design using root locus, Pole assignment: Sylvester’s theorem, PI and PID synthesis using pole assignment, Frequency Response: Nyquist plot, Bode diagram, Nyquist stability theorem, Stability margins, Closed-loop sensitivity functions, Model errors, Robust stability, Controller design using frequency response: Proportional control, Lead-lag control, PID control, Digital control systems: introduction, sampled data systems, stability analysis in Z-domain.