EEE 401

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Solid State Devices
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Semiconductors in equilibrium: Energy bands, intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors, Fermi levels, electron and hole concentrations, temperature dependence of carrier concentrations and invariance of Fermi level. Carrier transport processes and excess carriers: Drift and diffusion, generation and recombination of excess carriers, built-infield, recombination-generation SRH formula, surface recombination, Einstein relations, continuity and diffusion equations for holes and electrons and quasi-Fermi level. PN junction: Basic structure, equilibrium conditions, contact potential, equilibrium Fermi level, space charge, non-equilibrium condition, forward and reverse bias, carrier injection, minority and majority carrier currents, transient and AC conditions, time variation of stored charge, reverse recovery transient and capacitance. Bipolar Junction Transistor: Basic principle of pnp and npn transistors, emitter efficiency, base transport factor and current gain, diffusion equation in the base, terminal currents, coupled-diode model and charge control analysis, Ebers-Moll model and circuit synthesis. BJT non-ideal effects; Hetero-junction transistors. Metal semiconductor junction: Energy band diagram of metal semiconductor junctions, rectifying and ohmic contacts. MOS structure: MOS capacitor, energy band diagrams and flat band voltage, threshold voltage and control of threshold voltage, static C-V characteristics, qualitative theory of MOSFET operation, body effect and current voltage relationship of a MOSFET. Non-ideal characteristics of MOSFET: channel length modulation and short-channel effects in MOSFETs. MOS scaling. Introduction to Multigate FET architecture: Double gate MOSFET, FinFET, Surrounding gate FET, high-K dielectric FETs.