EEE 316

Course Code: EEE 316
Course Name:
Electrical Service Design Laboratory
Credit Hours:
Detailed Syllabus:

Familiarization with CAD tools for building services design. Introduction to Building regulations, codes and standards: BNBC, NFPA etc. Terminology and definitions: fuses, circuit breakers, distribution boxes, cables, bus-bars and conduits. Familiarization with symbols and legends used for electrical services design. Classification of wiring. Design for illumination and lighting: lux, lumen, choice of luminaries for various applications- domestic building, office building and industry. Wattage rating of common electrical equipment. Designing electrical distribution system for low and high rise domestic, office and academic buildings, for multipurpose buildings. Size selection of conductors and breakers, bus-bar trunking (BBT) system for various applications. Single line diagram (SLD) of a typical sub-station and pole-mounted transformer. Earthing requirements, various earthing methods. Earthing and lightning protection system design. Familiarization with indoor and underground telephone and fiber optic cables, Designing routing layout and installation of intercom, PABX, telephone, public address (PA) systems, cable TV distribution, LAN and wireless data systems for a building. Safety regulations, design of security systems including CCTV, burglar alarm. Concept of fire prevention and its importance. Fire detection (smoke, heat etc.) and alarm system (with voice evacuation), firefighting system (sprinkler system, hose). Installation of air-conditioning, heating, lifts and elevators.