EEE 311

Course Code: EEE 311
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Microprocessors and Embedded Systems
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Basic components of a computer system. Simple-As-Possible (SAP)
computer: SAP-1, selected concepts from SAP-2 and SAP-3 (jump, call, return, stack, push and pop). Evolution of microprocessors. Introduction to Intel 8086 microprocessor: features, architecture, Minimum mode operation of 8086 microprocessor: system timing diagrams of read and write cycles, memory banks, design of decoders for RAM, ROM and PORT. Introduction to Intel 8086 Assembly Language Programming: basic instructions, logic, shift and rotate instructions, addressing modes, stack management and procedures, advanced arithmetic instructions for multiplication and division, instructions for BCD and double precision numbers, introduction to 8086 programming with C language. Hardware Interfacing with Intel 8086 microprocessor: programmable peripheral interface, programmable interrupt controller, programmable timer, serial communication interface, keyboard and display interface (LED, 7 segment, dot matrix and LCD).