EEE 307

Course Code: EEE 307
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Power System I
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Network representation: single line and reactance diagram of power system and per unit. Line representation: equivalent circuit of short, medium and long lines. Reactive compensation of lines. Introduction to DC transmission. Load flow: Gauss – Seidel and Newton Raphson Methods. Power flow control: Tap Changing transformer, Phase shifting, booster and regulating transformer and shunt capacitor. Fault analysis: Short circuit current and reactance of a synchronous machine. Symmetrical fault calculation methods: symmetrical components, sequence networks and unsymmetrical fault calculation. Protection: Introduction to circuit breakers. Typical Layout of a substation. Load curves: Demand factor, diversity factor, load duration curves, energy load curves, load factor, capacity factor and plant factor. Power plants: types, general layout of thermal power plant, and major components of gas turbine, steam turbine and combined
cycle power plants.