EEE 305

Course Code: EEE 305
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Electrical Properties of Materials
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Crystal structures: Types of crystals, lattice and basis, Bravais lattice and Miller indices. Classical theory of electrical and thermal conduction: scattering, mobility and resistivity, temperature dependence of metal resistivity, Mathiessen’s rule, Hall effect and thermal conductivity. Introduction to quantum mechanics: Wave nature of electrons, Schrödinger’s equation, one dimensional quantum problems infinite quantum well, potential step and potential barriers, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and quantum box. Band theory of solids: Band theory from molecular orbital, Bloch
theorem, kronig-penny model, effective mass, density of states. Carrier statistics: Maxwell-Boltzmann and Fermi-Dirac distributions, Fermi energy. Modern theory of metals: Determination of Fermi energy and average energy of electrons, classical and quantum mechanical calculation of specific heat. Dielectric properties of materials: Dielectric constant, polarization- electronic, ionic and orientational; internal field, Clausius-Mosotti equation, spontaneous polarization, frequency, dependence of dielectric constant, dielectric loss and piezoelectricity. Magnetic properties of materials: Magnetic moment, magnetization and relative permittivity, different types of magnetic materials, origin of ferromagnetism and magnetic domains. Introduction to superconductivity: Zero resistance and Meissner effect, Type I and Type II superconductors and critical current density. Magnetic recording materials. Introduction to meta-materials.