EEE 303

Course Code: EEE 303
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Digital Signal Processing
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Introduction to digital signal processing. Sampling, quantization and signal reconstruction. Analysis of discrete-time system in the time domain: impulse response model, difference equation model. Correlation and convolution: power signal, energy signal, applications. Z-transform and analysis of LTI systems. Frequency analysis of discrete-time signals: discrete Fourier series and discrete-time Fourier transform (DTFT). Frequency analysis of LTI systems. Discrete Fourier transform (DFT) and fast Fourier transform (FFT). Minimum phase, maximum phase and all pass systems. Calculation of spectrum of discrete-time signals. Digital filter design- linear phase filters, specifications, design using window, optimal methods; IIR filters specifications, design using impulse invariant, bi-linear Z-transformation, least squares methods.