EEE 203

Course Code: EEE 203
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Electronic Devices and Circuits II
Credit Hours:
Detailed Syllabus:

Frequency response of amplifiers: Poles, zeros and bode plots, amplifier transfer function, techniques of determining 3 dB frequencies of amplifier circuits, frequencyresponse of single stage and cascade amplifiers, frequency response of differential amplifiers. Operational amplifiers (Op-Amp): Properties of ideal Op-Amps, noninverting and inverting amplifiers, inverting integrators, differentiator, weighted summer and other applications of Op-Amp circuits, effects of finite open loop gain and bandwidth on circuit performance, logic signal operation of Op-Amp, DC imperfections. General purpose Op-Amp: DC analysis, small-signal analysis of different stages, gain and frequency response of 741 Op-Amp. Negative feedback: Properties, basic topologies, feedback amplifiers with different topologies, stability, frequency compensation. Active filters: Different types of filters and specifications, transfer functions, realization of first and second order low-, high- and band-pass filters using Op-Amps. Positive feedback and signal generators: Basic principle of sinusoidal oscillation, Op-Amp RC oscillators and LC and crystal oscillators. Timer ICs: IC 555 and its applications. Power amplifiers: Classification of output stages, class A, B, C, and AB output stages.