EEE 103

Course Code: EEE 103
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Electrical Circuit II
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Definitions of AC voltage, current, power, volt-ampere and various factors including the peak and form factors. Introduction to sinusoidal steady state analysis: Sinusoidal sources, instantaneous and effective voltage and currents, average power, phasors and complex quantities, impedance, real and reactive power, maximum power transfer, power factor and its improvement. Analysis of single-phase AC circuits: Series and parallel RL, RC and RLC circuits, nodal and mesh analysis, application of network theorems in AC circuits, circuits with non-sinusoidal excitations, transients in AC circuits. Passive filters: Basic types. characteristic impedance and attenuation, ladder network, low- and high-pass filters, propagation coefficient and time delay in filter sections, practical composite filters. Resonance in AC circuits: Series and parallel resonance. Magnetically coupled circuits. Analysis of three phase circuits: three phase supply, balanced and unbalanced circuits, power calculation.