ETE 202

Course Code: ETE 202
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Electronic Devices and Circuits I
Credit Hours:
Detailed Syllabus:

Theory of Semiconductor: Electronic structure of elements, energy level, energy band theory of crystals, energy band diagram of- insulator, semiconductor and metal, free electron theory, intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductor, Fermi level, concept of hole, carrier densities, generation and recombination of excess carriers, earner life time, carrier movement by diffusion rind drift, continuity equation.

Semiconductor diodes: The P-N junction, biasing conditions, V-I characteristics, half \vave and full wave rectification with filtering, clipping and clamping circuit, zener diode, tunnel diode, varactor diode.

Bipolar transistor: Junction transistors, PNP and NPN transistors, principles of operation, biasing, characteristics in different configurations, transistor switching time, DC and AC load line, Q factor, transistor equivalent circuit, small signal low frequency h-parameter model.

Field effect transistor (FET): Construction of JFET, characteristic.’, and principles of operation, FET biasing.

MOSFET: Different types, operation, characteristics curve, DC biasing of depletion and enhancement type MOSFET

Other types of semiconductor device: Thermistor, SCR, UJT, DIAC, TRIAC, photo diodes.