CSE 4417

Course Code: CSE 4417
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Internet of Things
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Introduction to Internet in general and Internet of Things: layers, protocols, packets, services, performance parameters of a packet network as well as applications such as web, Peer-to-peer, sensor networks, and multimedia. Transport services: TCP, UDP, socket programming; Network layer: forwarding & routing algorithms (Link, DV), IP-addresses, DNS, NAT, and routers; Local Area Networks, MAC level, link protocols such as: point-to-point protocols, Ethernet, WiFi 802.11, cellular Internet access, and Machine-to-machine; Mobile Networking: roaming and handoffs, mobile IP, and ad hoc and infrastructure less networks; Real-time networking: soft and real time, quality of service/information, resource reservation and scheduling, and performance measurements; IoT definitions: overview, applications, potential & challenges, and architecture; IoT examples: Case studies, e.g. sensor body-area-network and control of a smart home.