CSE 4415

Course Code: CSE 4415
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Data Communication
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Detailed Syllabus:

Signal and random processes; Review of Fourier Transform; Hilbert Transform, continuous wave modulation: AM, PM, FM; Sampling theorem; Pulse modulation: PAM, PDM, PPM, PCM, companding, delta modulation, differential PCM; Multiple access techniques: TDM, FDM; Digital modulation: ASK, PSK, BPSK, QPSK, FSK, MSK, constellation, bit error rate (BER); Noise; Echo cancellation; Intersymbol Interference; Concept of channel coding and capacity. Synchronous and asynchronous communications; Hardware interfaces, multiplexers, concentrators and buffers; Communication mediums and their characteristics; Data communication services: SMDS and ATM; Error control codes: linear block codes, cyclic codes, MLDC codes, convolution codes, Trellis code modulation; Digital switching: space and time division switching; Radio system design; Fiber optics communication: transmitter, receivers, network components, WDM; Line coding, trunks, multiplexing, switching, ATM switches; Satellite communications: frequency bands and characteristics, types of satellites, transmission impairments, capacity allocation; Multiple access techniques.