CSE 405

Course Code: CSE 405
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Computer Graphics
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Detailed Syllabus:

Standard Graphics Primitives, Graphical User Interface; Graphics hardware: Display devices, Raster refresh graphics display, Use of frame buffer and look-up table; Coordinate convention. Device coordinate, Normalized device coordinate and World coordinate system; Raster Scan Graphics: Bresenham’s Line and Circle Generation, Algorithms. Character generation, Half toning, Antialiasing: Polygons: Different types of polygons, Point Location, Polygon filling, triangulation; Windowing and Clipping: Window, View point, zooming, panning, line, text and polygon clipping; Transformation matrices, Transformation in ?D, translation, rotation, scaling, shearing and reflection; Transformation in 3D: translation, rotation, scaling, shearing and reflection, projection: parallel and perspective, isometric projection; Segments with their applications. Three Dimensional Viewing and representation: Curves, surfaces and volumes with cubic and bicubic splines, B-Rep, CSG, Spatial Occupancy Representations; Hidden Lines and Surface removal; Painter; algorithm, Z-Buffering; Rendering: light Models, Shading Interpolation Technique Constant, Goraud and Phong, Ray Tracing. Computer ergonomics, Information structure, introduction to Graphics kernel system. Introduction to Graphics Programming. The nature of computer, dynamics, metamorphosis, displacement animation. An overview of multimedia system; Hypermedia: text, audio, video and graphics; Applications: Raster graphics software, Vector software, 3-Dimensional software, digital audio and video editing, Animation, Document processing, Multimedia information system. Information representation storage, retrieval and processing; Multi-user and distributed environment; Cooperative processes, Synchronization, Data Compression, Data Encryption Data Communication Intelligent Interaction.