CSE 401

Course Code: CSE 401
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System Analysis and Design
Credit Hours:
Detailed Syllabus:

Introduction to information systems, general design consideration of information systems.

Overview: System concepts and the information systems environment, information needs, the concept of MIS, the 4-system development life cycle, the role of the systems analyst. Systems Analysis: System planning and the initial investigation, information gathering, the tools of structured analysis, feasibility study, cost/benefit analysis.

System design: The process and stage:; of systems design, input/output and forms design, file organization and data base design.

System Implementation: System testing and quality assurance implementation and software maintenance, hardware/ software selection, project scheduling and software; Security, disaster/recovery, and ethics in system development.

Caste studies of various information systems such as: Library management system, inventory system, voter identity management system, payroll system, etc.