CSE 204

Course Code: CSE 204
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Operating Systems
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Introduction evolution goals and components of OS: types of OS. Process management, process states and state transition, process control blocks, job and process scheduling, scheduling levels, objective and criteria. CPU scheduling algorithms, process coordination, critical section problems, semaphores, language constructs classical problems of process coordination. Interposes communication, message and mailbox etc..

I/O programming: Device management techniques. Interrupt processing. Parallel processing. Deadlock, deadlock prevention, avoidance detection and recovery. Memory management, memory avocation schemes, paging and segmentation , virtual memory, page replacement strategies, working sets, demand paging. Secondary storage management, disk-scheduling algorithms. File management: file system functions, Hie organization, logical and physical file maps, tree structured file systems, space allocation, file catalogs, file access control mechanism, operating systems security. Time-sharing and virtual machines. Main Features of Windows NT, UNIX, VMS and VSE.

Systems programming concepts: general machine structures, machine and assembly language, concepts of translation oriented system programs; Assemblers: design procedure of assembler; Table processing: searching and sorting; macro processors, preprocessors; Compilers: features of high level languages data types and data structures, storage allocation, functional modularity, programming language grammar; Loaders ft Linkers; Loaders: Loader scheme; Linkers. Design of linkage- editor.