CSE 1201

Course Code: CSE 1201
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Structured Programming
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Introduction to Basics of Computer and Programming, C Fundamentals. Introduction to C Programming (input, output, variables, data type, operators, and expressions). Structured Program Development in C: Basic of Flow Chart, Control Statements 1(if, if...else, switch, top-down and stepwise refinement). Program Control: Control Statements 2 (for, do…while, switch, break and continue), Nested Loop, Loop Control Statement (break, continue, goto). Introduction to Functions (Math Library Functions, Function Definitions, Function Prototypes and Argument, Recursive functions, References and Reference Parameters, passing arguments to functions and passing arguments by reference. Introduction to Arrays (Arrays, Declaring Arrays, Examples Using Arrays, Passing Arrays to Functions, arrays of strings), Searching Arrays, Sorting Arrays, Multidimensional Arrays, passing multi-dimensional array directly to function. Pointers (Pointer Variable Declarations and Initialization, NULL Pointer, Passing Arguments to Functions by Reference with Pointers, Pointer Expressions and Pointer Arithmetic, Arrays of Pointers, Function Pointers). Characters and Strings (String Input, String Manipulation, Comparison Functions, Search Functions, and Memory Functions).