CSE 101

Course Code: CSE 101
Course Name:
Introduction to Computer Studies
Credit Hours:
Detailed Syllabus:

Introduction: brief history and types of computers, application areas. Working principle of a computer system. Single and multi-user systems.

Hardware: Organization and architecture, CPU, Motherboards & Microprocessors, Memory units: Primary memory, Secondary memory, Input & output (I/O) Devices, peripheral devices, AT/XT, ISA, FISA, PCI Bus Architecture.

Software: Classifications, System software, Operating system concepts, importance, components and basic functions of DOS, Windows and UNIX operating systems. Application software, database, spreadsheet and word-processing software.

Applications: Multimedia systems, computer networks: basic concepts on LAN, WAN rind
Internet systems, Internet services, E-mail and WWW.

Selection of computers, hardware, software and cost consideration.