Digital Technology

ULAB puts a high value on training its students in the latest digital technologies.

High-speed internet
ULAB uses two dedicated ISPs to deliver almost 7Mbps to students and faculty members.

Wi-fi and WiMAX
To facilitate the students and faculty members with laptops, ULAB has secure Wi-fi access on Campus A and secure WiMAX on Campus B.

Software and Computer Labs
Dedicated software labs on both campuses allow Computer Science and Engineering students to study and practice programming and design skills. Web design using Visual Studio with .NET and SQL, gaming software, Microwind design software, Joomla, Java, Dreamweaver, and Flash. Currently the CSE department is upgrading through the introduction of Oracle and ASP.NET. Additionally there is a “cybercafé” on Campus A dedicated for student personal use. All computers on ULAB’s campus have fully-licensed Kaspersky Anti-Virus software.

iMac Editing Suite
Alone among all universities, ULAB has a iMac editing suite for digital film production courses. Two Macintosh iMacs, with fully-licensed Final Cut Pro, allow students to learn non-linear editing and create digital films on professional-quality equipment.

Google Apps
ULAB is the only university to embrace the dynamic and multi-functional Google Apps. Google Apps gives full gmail functionality (storage, spam blockers) using the These emails are available to all students, staff, and faculty members.

Online registration
ULAB student course pre-registration takes place using a live online registration system.

ULAB Web Portal
ULAB Web 2.0-based web portal is a dynamic space where students can get up-to-date information on grade results, notices, news, and events.

Media and Design
Media Studies and Journalism students learn the latest design software, including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Flash, as well as new media techniques like blogging.