ULAB Fair Play Cup

University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) is a private institution devoted to developing young minds to their fullest potential through the free and creative pursuit of knowledge. We promise to fulfill these aims by adopting an array of traditional and innovative academic and extra-curricular programs.


The objective of the ULAB Fair Play Cup is to establish good relations among private universities and to create an atmosphere of enjoyment and fairness in competition. ULAB hopes this initiative will contribute to the development of professional cricket among the youth.

ULAB is the only private university with a tournament-standard playground where students to do regular sports and exercise. Every year since 2006, ULAB has successfully organized the Fair Play Cup.

Bangladesh cricket board is affiliated with this tournament to ensure the disciplinary issues. BCB provides the Match officials and Scorers. Match umpires who has the vital role, are also provided from BCB to ensure the Fair Play.

Any other technical and cricketing support is also provided by BCB. This is how we call it Fair Play Cup. As a host ULAB doesn’t have any authority over the matches. This is how we ensure the standard of the tournament.



Inter-Private University T-20 Cricket Tournament

  • Redbull Campus Cricket

    Red Bull has a tournament name: “Red Bull Campus Cricket”. This tournament has been played in different venues for every year. Last year this tournament was held in India.

    Red Bull Campus Cricket is the international tournament where the students from around the world get chance in a bigger platform. From Bangladesh ULAB fair Play Cup is the authorized tournament, from where the Winners represent Bangladesh in the Red Bull Campus Cricket World Final Tournament.